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Manufacture, supply and sale of natural wood finishing materials

We specialize in wooden materials for finishing houses and apartments.
Delivery in the Vologda region and all over Russia
Delivery in the Vologda region and all over Russia
Think about you
Cater to the needs of our customers and make communication with our company convenient and comfortable.
Low prices
We have low prices due to our own manufacture, it has no effect on the quality of goods.
Return of goods
You can return the goods if they are below code.

Service description

Information for Wholesale Customers

  1. Our prices allow you to earn

    Because of many years of cooperation with reliable suppliers of raw materials and large volumes of purchases, make it possible to offer our customers prices that allow your business to develop successfully.

  2. You may rely upon supply stability

    Permanent wholesale customers are our priority customers. You can count on the supply stability even in the high season.

  3. The size of your order is not limited

    It can be a large wholesale - you will receive products directly from the manufactory. But the company 'Nika' is ready to delivery and very small volumes of goods at wholesale prices.

  4. You can be sure of the quality of our products

    Large experience has allowed us to choose only such suppliers of raw materials that can provide high and stable quality products.

Information for Retail Customers

  1. Company 'Nika' provides only reliable information to buyers

    Our company considers absolutely unacceptable to use the so called "price reduction" methods that is frequently met in the market, when the material of a low quality is issued as a material of higher quality.

  2. Buying in our company, you can be sure that you will get exactly the type of material that you planned to buy

    "Nika" provides credible guarantees of quality. The customer can always check the quality of the material before buy, we are always open to meet our customers and are ready to give a tour around our manufactory.

  3. Our price determination is transparent

    Buying a product from us, you pay exactly the price that you saw on the site, or you are called by phone. No hidden payments and additional "cheating".

  4. It will be comfortable for you to work with us

    At the wish of the client 'Nika' organizes delivery, as in the Vologda region, and throughout Russia. You can place your order online or make it by phone.

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